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TYPO3 CMS Extension Development
TYPO3 CMS Extension Development

To change or add to TYPO3, which are separate parts of the program, called Typo3 extensions used. This can be downloaded to the user in the TYPO3 backend directly using an Typo3 extension manager from the so-called TER (TYPO3 Extension Repository) and install it.

Significant and widespread Typo3 extensions

* Tt_news (News System) Typo3 extension
* Templavoila (templating) Typo3 extension
* Rtehtmlarea (Rich Text Editor) Typo3 extension
* Dam (Digital Asset Management) Typo3 extension
* Static_info_tables (data on countries, languages and currencies; localized versions available)
* Tt_products (Shop systems) Typo3 extension
* Tt_news (Frontend User Registration) Typo3 extension
* Ve_guestbook (guestbook) Typo3 extension
* Human-realurl (To generate URLs) Typo3 extension
* Th_mailformplus power and mail (form mailers) Typo3 extension

Develop your own TYPO3 extensions

TYPO3 is internally controlled by various PHP arrays. They contain all the information needed to generate from the information stored in database content via TypoScript commands HTML code. In general, you can customize almost every issue, and many end settings on changes to the configuration of arrays. The resulting during the term of the PHP scripts on the web server memory needed is therefore irrelevant.

It is advisable to use the TYPO3 extension "kick start" with which a framework for the desired functions can be created automatically. Depending on your needs so you can choose front-or back-end extensions. The required functionality is usually here in the TYPO3 configuration array TCA involved. Extension contains the created files with fixed names which are automatically called, for example ext_localconf.php, ext_tables.sql and ext_emconf.php. The programmer needs only a single program in PHP functions, which often features that are already available, can be copied and adapted. After installing the extension reviewed TYPO3 automatically if necessary TYPO3 extension complies with standards.

The PHP source code that used to TYPO3 version 4.1 the syntax of PHP version 4 and version 4.2 PHP5, there is a rule of files, each containing a plug-in class. The programming is depending on the author rightly object or you can use the classes only in terms of modules. Each class file contains an integration of a so-called XCLASS at the end. These can range from extension developers themselves are defined with a particular naming scheme, and should be derived from the original class. You will always be used instead of the original class. However it is recommended instead of hooks XCLASS used. In an existing function using the function call is made to one or more other functions within TYPO3 extensions arbitrarily extensible.


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